Sherry Kwok

B.A., B.Ed., AFCC

Coaching Style & Philosopy

Our money is linked to our values. The expert on your values is you! I take a client directed approach where you tell me what is most important for you to achieve and we work together to create a plan about how you can take your next best step(s) to get closer to your goal.

My clients can expect to have conversations around their money behaviors and how those behaviors impact your life. Sometimes the things we do with our money can really help us but sometimes it really hurts us.


My role for you is help you discover how you can best use your money in a value aligned way that makes you feel good. This sometimes takes behavior change. Our time together is a safe space to practice trying new money behaviors. This process can help promote short and long term financial wellness.



As an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada(AFCC) and an Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE) member, I am a proficient Financial Empowerment Educator, Coach, and Trainer. I have facilitated 100+ financial literacy workshops and supported 200+ participants in one-to-one coaching over the last 5 years. I have effective active listening abilities, am able to build rapport quickly, and has developed strong facilitation skills.

I have had the privilege of teaching helping professionals enhance their financial coaching skills and support a community of financial coaches bring our knowledge together to enhance our practice. I am skilled, knowledgeable, confident, and passionate about helping people learn about financial literacy skills to elevate their financial wellness. Financial literacy has the potential for life changing opportunities for all willing to learn


My core competencies includes:

✔ Financial Coaching
✔ Financial Coaching Training development and facilitation
✔ Leading a Financial Coaching Community of Practice
✔ Supporting professional financial coaches develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.
✔ Financial Literacy Workshop Facilitation


Sherry’s Story

My mother and I moved to Canada from the Philippines when I was 9 years old. Coming from a single parent immigrant family, I learned from a very young age that we didn’t have much. I learned to not ask for things unless absolutely necessary. I knew that I if I asked for anything my mother would try very hard to make it happen. This meant that she would need to give something up or go into her small savings or into debt to give me what I want. From my early experiences with money I learned that Money is for survival.

Ever since I was 16, at my first job – bagging groceries, I was careful with my money and I paid attention. With a money script of “Money is for survival” I had no choice but to pay attention! Which was a great opportunity because the more I paid attention, the more I learned.

I completed my first degree and my second degree while holding various jobs to pay for my education. Even though I lived at home and I dedicated large portions of my income towards my education, at the end of that journey I was $30,000 in debt. While making an entry level position income, I paid off this debt in 2 years.

Then I came across a position where I can fully embrace my fascination with personal finance. I had countless opportunities to grow and learn. I talked about financial literacy as a full time job! It was amazing! As I delve deeper I came to understand that I can actually change my relationship with money. I developed a new money script “Money is a tool that can help me live my best life!” With a vision, commitment, process, and hard work my family is on our way to FIRE – financial independence retire early.

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