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Sherry Kwok

B.A., B.Ed., AFCC

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Coaching Style & Philosophy

Our money is directly linked to our values. The expert on your values is you! I take a client directed approach, where you take the lead in defining what truly matters to you. Together, we collaborate to create a plan that outlines your next best step(s) to bring you closer to your goals. 
Throughout our discussions, we delve into your  money behaviors and explore how they impact your life. 
As your guide, my role is to help you uncover the most effective ways to align your money with your values to bring you peace and joy. This process involves making changes to your behaviors, and our time together provides a safe space to practice and embrace new money habits.
This journey fosters short and long term financial wellness.


As a Accredited Financial Counselor Canada and Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education member I am a proficient Financial Empowerment Coach, Educator, and Trainer. 


✔ Financial Coaching – supported 350+ individuals and couples

✔ Financial Literacy Workshop Facilitation – 100+ 

✔ Financial Coaching Training development and facilitation

✔ Leading a Financial Coaching Community of Practice

✔ Supporting professional financial coaches develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.


My mission is to help 100,000 Canadians increase their financial wellness!

Sherry’s Story

Feel good about your money by gaining the skills, knowledge, and confidence to shift your money mindset. 
At 9 years old, my mother and I made the life-changing journey from the Philippines to Canada. Growing up as an immigrant from a single parent family – I clearly understood the reality of limited resources.  I learned not to ask for things. From my early experiences with money I learned that Money is for survival.”
This money script instilled the mindset the urged me to seek out, learn , and build strong financial habits. At 16, at my first job – bagging groceries, I was careful with my money and I paid attention. With a money script of “Money is for survival” I had no choice but to pay attention! Which was a great opportunity because the more I paid attention, the more I learned.
After completing 2 degrees while holding various jobs to pay for my education, I was burdened with a $30,000 debt. With unwavering dedication, commitment, and a well-thought-out plan, I was able to turn things around. Through an entry level position, I embarked on a journey to become debt free. It took me just two years to pay off that debt, proving that with the right mindset and strategy, anything is possible!

Time passed and I was blessed with a position where I can fully embrace my fascination with personal finance. I had countless opportunities to grow and learn. I talked about financial literacy as a full time job! It was amazing! I had the privilege of facilitating financial literacy workshops and playing a pivotal role in the successful launch of their financial coaching program. It was an absolute joy to walk alongside individuals, helping them discover how their assets, both financial and personal, could be harnessed to support their dreams. I continued to thrive in my role and was humbled to be entrusted with training financial coaches and leading the vibrant financial coaching community in Calgary. Another incredible opportunity soon presented itself when I had the privilege of providing financial coaching to Canadians nationwide in partnership with a renowned national leader in the field of Financial Literacy.

Through my journey, I experienced a profound shift in my money mindset. I discovered the ability to rewrite my money scripts, ultimately redirecting the trajectory of my life. Now, my new money script is “Money is a tool that helps me live my best life”. This empowering belief fuels my pursuit of financial clarity, freedom and a value aligned life. 

Having personally experienced the power of financial literacy, I am deeply committed to its importance. I  currently reside in Calgary, Alberta  with my husband and daughter. Together, we are diligently working towards achieving Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE) by November 16, 2030. This goal serves as a driving force in our lives to motivate us to make sound financial decisions and secure a prosperous future!